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At Flo Studio, we specialise in Barre, Spin, Yoga and TRX classes. Read all about it below.

Flo Studio Yoga Classes in Syracuse


Fast paced, high intensity workout that is an infusion of ballet, Pilates, and yoga techniques. Open to all fitness levels and designed to activate hard to reach muscles in order to sculpt a long, lean physique. If you haven’t tried barre before, we guarantee it’s not what you expect. Give it a shot and watch your body transform!

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We are the ONLY studio in the area to have the RealRyder bikes! The RealRyder® allows you to lean, turn, steer and balance through three essential planes of motion, becoming fully engaged with the bike, and overall riding experience. Increase core strength and stability and burn 20% more calories compared to a conventional stationary bike! Combine it with barre and get the ultimate fat burning and leg firming sweat session.

Flo Studio Yoga Classes in Syracuse


We realize that everyone is into yoga for a different reason or attracted to a different “type” of experience. And even if you’re not an aspiring yogi, the practice is always a great supplement to any fitness routine. Currently we offer Hip Hop Yoga Flow and an H.K.I Blend, both very different classes and both taught by the most inspiring and uplifting instructors. Soon to add more classes, but give these both and shot. They won’t disappoint.

TRX-Classes-at-Flo-Studio in Syracuse


A high intensity fitness class combining kickboxing technique, cardio, and HIIT movement. This class will help you burn off stress and lots of calories while improving stamina, strength, coordination, and flexibility!

TRX-Classes-at-Flo-Studio in Syracuse

dance fitness

An upbeat and fun dance class that combines cardio and strength workouts with musicality. This class will have you working up a sweat while dancing it out!

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A sexy and confidence-boosting dance class. Have you ever wanted to move like Beyonce? This class will break down music-video-type dance movements and steamy tricks to look and feel your best. Heels are not mandatory, but certainly fun. Please wear whatever clothing you feel your sexiest to move in. This is a safe to be sexy environment!

TRX-Classes-at-Flo-Studio in Syracuse

abs & glutes

This class will consist of strictly abs and booty work. Toning exercises to target these two areas will help you reach your goals quickly! Please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

TRX-Classes-at-Flo-Studio in Syracuse

somatic meditation

A meditation hour that connects your mind and body as one. This class uses a slow and easy structure to guide you into relaxation and let your mind wander from daily life.

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